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Effie Galletly


landscape artist

quilt maker

Lazy Beds and Machair

Morven Gallery

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Upper Barvas HS2 0QX

Sat 06/06/2015 2:00pm - Tue 30/06/2015 5:00pm
Lazy Beds and Machair

This year's exhibition includes a look at the shape and form of Lewis lazy beds and the patterns near the shore that is made through the machair (wild flower) in the summer. There is a totally hand made and dyed piece depicting the skyline of the Harris Hills from the Pentland Road in Lewis and more. Come and see. 

The show is up for June and some may be there for the rest of the summer.

  • Patchworks 9

  • Patchworks 7

  • Sheds under the Clisham

  • Abandoned House, Loch Roag

  • Island Ferries

  • A Cuddle on the Cliff

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