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Effie Galletly


landscape artist

quilt maker

A Quilter's Eye on the Western Isles

Colden Common Community Centre

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St Vigor Way Colden Common Hampshire S)21 1UU

Sat 08/10/2016: 2:30pm - 4:00pm

This is a regional event of the Quilter Guild of the British Isles. Effie will talk about her way of looking at landscape with a view to making patchwork and quilts. The talk takes the shape of a trip though the islands pointing out everything from big sweep and small detail.

  • Harris Hills from the Pentland Road, November

  • Callanish Stones 6

  • Callanish Stones 5

  • Houses at Galson - July/March

  • Galson Beach, Isle of Lewis

  • Cuillin Hill Tops 2

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